Make your watchlists

look cool

From practically the first movie ever made to the last week premiere, on Wali you can browse any movie or tv show out there and arrenge them on a list to watch them later.

Make as many watchlists as you want

Simplify your ¬†life by creating lists of movies and tv shows. That search for hours and hours only to know what movie is worth viewing is finally over. Just make Wali’s and that’s it.
Ultimate Interface

We strongly think that design is the most important part of any APP out there. So we decided to make it clean, beautifull and user friendly.

Always follow your tv show

Just like with the movies you can create watchlists for your favorite tv shows and always know when is the next will be release.
Great Content

Great visual content of every movie and thv show on the APP. You can get direct acces to videos and information of the movie you are looking for.

Easily Share your Watchlists
to any one you want!

Have you ever wished to share a list of good movies to see?. Wali is the easier way to get this done with our “share list” option. You can send and invitation to a Wali user or sendit via Whatsapp or E-mail.